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Well in the past week our Chocolatier has been busy making truffles. We have made over 10,000 truffles which took 7 days! Whew. Lots of  work for a delectable little treat.

 Our chocolate truffles are handmade, stirred in huge copper kettles and rolled and dipped by hand. We have  a variety of flavors, Plain Milk or Bittersweet (dark chocolate), hazelnut, Jack Daniels, raspeberry, cappuccino, champagne, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Grand Mariner. These sweet little delights are still our biggest seller after all these years. We have decided that since people love them just the way they are we won’t change a thing.

If truffles aren’t your thing let me tell you a little bit about our barks. There is nothing fancy except the taste. Pure Chocolate blended with either almonds, cranberries,or mocha, if you have kids (or you are still one at heart check out our smores bark milk chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.)

Moving on to kids we have a great selection of gifts for children this holiday season, edible chocolate Santa boxes filled with bark, or nonpareils (your choice) large  Santa chocolate statues and fun solid christmas shapes.

So whether your young or old check us out at  


For Christmas treat yourself and your loved ones to Cocoa Mill’s famous chocolates. Make sure you check out our specials page for daily coupons and deals.