Simple Pleasures

Nothing brings me greater joy than to see the smile of a child. I am fortunate that I get to see this on a daily basis. In the chocolate shop where I work children press their faces up to the glass cases and carefully select their piece of chocolate, they look to their guardian for approval, when they say “Yes, you may have it” the child’s smile lights up the room and their little body is full of joy and anticipation waiting to receive this simple pleasure.

There are many Americans without work these days, that is why I am thankful for the  job I have. It is really hard to live in a country where we have so much that it often leads to wastefulness. I look around in my small hometown and there are more homeless people, more hitchhikers and more people loosing sleep because they are wondering how they are going to make it through another day. Now I don’t want to get all political, that is not the intent of this blog. I am making simple observations about our life in America these days.

As the manager of a small business that has struggled the past four years to keep its doors open I have seen the hurt and hardship on people’s faces as they watch the cost of goods go up and the size of the goods go down. I also see many people doing without the simple luxuries of life that used to bring such joy. This is a sad thing to watch.

I have learned that to be successful you have to believe in yourself. I have heard other’s tell me: “You won’t make it”. “You can’t keep your doors opened”.  “Your ideas are ridiculous and won’t work”. I knew we had to keep going, we had to think outside of the box and not listen to the nay sayers. Negativity never got anyone anywhere. Doing the “same old thing” isn’t going to be” the next big thing”. In our company we  figured out that when you invest in yourself and in your dreams they will not return void. We are not a multi-million dollar company but our doors are open and we are able to pay the bills. We have recently expanded to another city and it’s only because we believed we could do it.

We have a heart for a reason, we dream dreams for a reason and it isn’t so that we can walk around and be miserable all day everyday. I believe that finding the smallest things in life can bring pleasure even in this day and age. The sweet smell of a flower, the taste of chocolate, the sight of a rainbow in the sky or maybe that unmistakable smell of rain before it falls to the ground. There is so much beauty in this life that we miss by just not paying attention. I believe that we are in control of our lives. Step outside of the rat race and see the beauty that awaits you.


Women & Chocolate


SALT LAKE CITY — A woman accused of attempting to steal items from the City Creek Harmons grocery store told police she ran out of money and needed Pepsi and chocolate to feed her addiction. (Story from Utah)

The story above tells you how far women can and will go for chocolate.

Listen; Mother’s Day is coming up!  Let’s not make our Moms resort to petty crimes just to get what they really want and need.  Sure they may tell you “Oh honey I’m watching my weight.” or “I don’t need any chocolate.” but you know they really want it.

If you do get one of those lame excuses just know chocolate is good for people, and may help our dearest Mothers live healthier lives. The following research backs up this claim:

A study done in the fall by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that a healthy chocolate habit, about two chocolate bars a week  appears to help women reduce their risk of stroke.  The study included more than 33,000 Swedish women who did not have any medical history of stroke, heart disease, cancer or diabetes and were between the ages of 49 and 83.  The ladies completed surveys on 350+ dietary and lifestyle indicators.  See Chocolate is good in more ways than yum.

Women love chocolate.  That is just the bottom line.  Happy Mother’s Day in chocolate, boom, best gift ever, given by you 🙂  Happy Mother’s Day… Enjoy some chocolates.

New Years Resolutions and Chocolate

First off let me say Happy New Year!

 Now I know that just because its New Year’s some of us have made resolutions to eat healthier. But that  doesn’t mean that we have to cut out our chocolate, right? Recent studies have suggested that if you have a little indulgence now and again you will be more successful in achieving your weight loss goal than if you deprive yourself completely. So if you choose to indulge why not indulge with a piece of chocolate from Cocoa Mill.

 Remember dark chocolate is a dieters chocolate. It is full of antioxidants, endorphins with less fat and less sugar than milk or white chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate helps to improve cardiovascular health. Dark chocolate is loaded with natural antioxidants (antioxidants are awesome little helpers that gobble up free radicals which are destructive molecules that can be a contributor to heart disease and other ailments) these findings put dark chocolate in the same category as green tea and blueberries. Chocolate comes from cocoa beans which are full of natural plant nutrients. Scientist, doctors and dietitians alike validate dark chocolate and it’s many health benefits. Dark chocolate has the highest percent of cocoa solids which allows it to have such a high antioxidant score. If you add some nuts or dried cranberries to that dark chocolate you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty not to mention healthy power packed little snack.

So in closing I urge you not to go through 2012 deprived but alive and invigorated with the healthful benefits of Chocolate on your side!



Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

Well in the past week our Chocolatier has been busy making truffles. We have made over 10,000 truffles which took 7 days! Whew. Lots of  work for a delectable little treat.

 Our chocolate truffles are handmade, stirred in huge copper kettles and rolled and dipped by hand. We have  a variety of flavors, Plain Milk or Bittersweet (dark chocolate), hazelnut, Jack Daniels, raspeberry, cappuccino, champagne, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Grand Mariner. These sweet little delights are still our biggest seller after all these years. We have decided that since people love them just the way they are we won’t change a thing.

If truffles aren’t your thing let me tell you a little bit about our barks. There is nothing fancy except the taste. Pure Chocolate blended with either almonds, cranberries,or mocha, if you have kids (or you are still one at heart check out our smores bark milk chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.)

Moving on to kids we have a great selection of gifts for children this holiday season, edible chocolate Santa boxes filled with bark, or nonpareils (your choice) large  Santa chocolate statues and fun solid christmas shapes.

So whether your young or old check us out at  


For Christmas treat yourself and your loved ones to Cocoa Mill’s famous chocolates. Make sure you check out our specials page for daily coupons and deals. 

Large Chocolate Santa

Welcome To A Wonderful World of Chocolate

A Little Bit About Cocoa Mill:

Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company® began making premium chocolate confections in 1993. Today, Cocoa Mill is honored to have received national recognition as a creator of exquisite chocolates. The Wall Street Journal chose Cocoa Mill’s edible chocolate Valentine Truffle heart box as “best overall” above the likes of Godiva, Sees, Harry and David, and others. Additionally, Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company® has received accolades from Bon Appetit, Chocolatier, U.S. Air Magazine, CBS Morning News, Paula Deene, and Washington Post

We feel very blessed to have received such wonderful awards. We are a small family owned business in Lexington, Virginia. Cocoa Mill consists of 8 to 10 workers in our manufacturing/retail store. Most of our business is retail, but we do however have an online store and we ship all over the US as well as abroad.   

We are ever striving for product excellence, Cocoa Mill continues to adhere to the same standards of quality first established all those years ago. We only use select ingredients including superior chocolate, dairy-fresh cream and butter, and authentic flavors and liqueurs. All our chocolates are prepared in small batches to insure freshness. Our products are All Natural and Preservative Free.We are ever vigilant in product scrutiny from production to packing and shipping.

Whether you send a gift, or you simply want to indulge yourself with your favorite box of Cocoa Mill premium chocolates we hope that it brings you joy.

Creamy Delectable Hand Made Award Winning Chocolate Truffles