Simple Pleasures

Nothing brings me greater joy than to see the smile of a child. I am fortunate that I get to see this on a daily basis. In the chocolate shop where I work children press their faces up to the glass cases and carefully select their piece of chocolate, they look to their guardian for approval, when they say “Yes, you may have it” the child’s smile lights up the room and their little body is full of joy and anticipation waiting to receive this simple pleasure.

There are many Americans without work these days, that is why I am thankful for the  job I have. It is really hard to live in a country where we have so much that it often leads to wastefulness. I look around in my small hometown and there are more homeless people, more hitchhikers and more people loosing sleep because they are wondering how they are going to make it through another day. Now I don’t want to get all political, that is not the intent of this blog. I am making simple observations about our life in America these days.

As the manager of a small business that has struggled the past four years to keep its doors open I have seen the hurt and hardship on people’s faces as they watch the cost of goods go up and the size of the goods go down. I also see many people doing without the simple luxuries of life that used to bring such joy. This is a sad thing to watch.

I have learned that to be successful you have to believe in yourself. I have heard other’s tell me: “You won’t make it”. “You can’t keep your doors opened”.  “Your ideas are ridiculous and won’t work”. I knew we had to keep going, we had to think outside of the box and not listen to the nay sayers. Negativity never got anyone anywhere. Doing the “same old thing” isn’t going to be” the next big thing”. In our company we  figured out that when you invest in yourself and in your dreams they will not return void. We are not a multi-million dollar company but our doors are open and we are able to pay the bills. We have recently expanded to another city and it’s only because we believed we could do it.

We have a heart for a reason, we dream dreams for a reason and it isn’t so that we can walk around and be miserable all day everyday. I believe that finding the smallest things in life can bring pleasure even in this day and age. The sweet smell of a flower, the taste of chocolate, the sight of a rainbow in the sky or maybe that unmistakable smell of rain before it falls to the ground. There is so much beauty in this life that we miss by just not paying attention. I believe that we are in control of our lives. Step outside of the rat race and see the beauty that awaits you.